Monday, May 15, 2006

Passing the Joint in Mexico

From the Economist in Mexico City:

500 protesters gathered on May 6th for a marijuana “smoke-in” to criticise an about-face by Mr Fox on a drugs bill. The president had promised to pass (and had helped design) a bill to decriminalise possession of small amounts of most drugs, a measure that the bill’s supporters say would free up police to pursue dealers and traffickers instead of small-time users. Both houses of congress had passed the bill, but Mr Fox, under pressure from America, abruptly reversed course on May 4th. Some Mexican legislators say they may override the president’s veto.

The protesters at the smoke-in were joined by Patricia Mercado, the presidential candidate of the Alternative Social Democratic party, whose strong showing in a recent presidential debate bumped her up in the polls—though her support base is still paltry, at 3-4%. Ms Mercado declined to light up, but said she supported the decriminalisation of marijuana.


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